CST Glimpse: Transformation Habit 3

In a recent blog post, I discussed the ONE thing to do to improve your health immediately: COOKING! The first step to becoming a competent cook is to have fresh ingredients on-hand and convenient to grab in the rush of the work week.

The third Transformation Habit in our program, the Common Sense Transformation, is all about planning your meals ahead of time, having a successful trip to the grocery store, and prepping your food to make meal time a breeze in the heat of the week.

In the above video, I give a glimpse into this habit and some personal commentary behind the thought process that went into this piece of the program! Check it out, and don’t forget that our program is on pre-sale special until December 16. If you enroll early you can save up to $190 off the regular price of the program and the first 100 to enroll and pay in full will receive a printed copy of the textbook!