CST Glimpse: Transformation Habit 11

Today we’re giving you the first glimpse into the Common Sense Transformation! Today Alex takes a deep dive into Transformation Habit 11 - Eating Without Guilt.

This habit comes in the ninth week of the second quarter of the program, and is one of the most important habits we introduce.

The attitude you bring to the table is far more important in determining your long-term health than the food that is actually on the table.

Don’t believe us? Think about it this way: diets call for behavior modification. They give you guidelines to follow regarding what you eat. And yet 98% of people who follow these guidelines GAIN THE WEIGHT BACK. Why is this?

“Behavior modification is not transformation. If you want to transform your life, then you must change how you think first.” Kris Vallotton

Lifestyle transformation is not as easy as simply modifying behavior. Lifestyle transformation comes about as a result of renewing your mind and transforming your thought life FIRST, and your physical life second. And the good news is, once your mind has been transformed, the body will follow automatically.

In the video, Alex talks about the dangers of the guilt-shame cycle that the diet mentality has brought in regards to eating decisions. In the program, we take two weeks to focus on breaking free from this cycle. You will never find freedom and vitality if you continue to live in the chains of guilt and shame. This is a habit we don’t take lightly.

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