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Jalapeño Peach Skillet Cornbread

When I married my southern hubby, cornbread became more of a staple and less of a “oh you made cornbread” moment.  There are thousands of cornbread recipes out there...many that I have made and love...but, this is the one I was taught to make by my Grammy in her Wagner cast iron skillet (Oh I miss that skillet!!).  The best part, her cornbread is straightforward so the perfect base for me to add all sorts of stuff (fruit, cheese, herbs, aromatics, veggies, etc) to fancy it up.  

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My mom and grammy called this mandel bread, but I always heard mongrel bread which always caused snorts of laughter around the table.  Whatever you want to call it, this is a cup of coffee’s and a lazy morning’s best friend. This is a terrific recipe to make with your kids.  I still remember shaping the dough and getting flour everywhere!  There are many versions of this recipe, but here is the one I grew up with (we didn’t add chocolate chips but an easy add if desired).  

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