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Take It From Carol: Tour de France Stage 8

Just another day for a breakaway and Stage win glory or.......

After a long, steady day in the saddle (a welcome respite in the relentlessly tough first week of the Tour and a rare gift for the sprinters) , the Tour comes to yet another day suited for the breakaway specialists. Stage 8 includes 7 categorized climbs

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Take It From Carol: Tour de France Stage 3

We finally enter France.....

Today the Tour organizers continue their quest to make the first week of the race more interesting than the repetitive hours of flat road riding, marketing breakaways, and a field sprint finish. True, the first 170km is exactly that, but with 30km remaining the riders will encounter three Category 3 climbs (climbs are ranked according to certain guidelines and are rated from most difficult 1 to the least 4.

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Take It From Carol: Tour de France 2019

And 3 weeks of suffering begins.....

Today will be a calm day on the bike with a breakaway and an exciting sprint finish as the fastest men position themselves early for the green jersey (a jersey OWNED by Peter Sagan —6 so far—more on each jersey and the races within the race later).  And a tiny Sagan tangent here: I think he wants yellow today...perfect stage for him). 

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