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We believe that food is more than just food. Food is a gift from our Creator that reveals so much about His nature and His heart for us, His children. Food is provision, it is a blessing, it sustains, it fuels growth, it is medicine, it is the centerpiece of celebration, it facilitates fellowship, and it adds a richness and fullness to life.

It is our mission to restore your relationship with food and to inspire you to encounter God as the great Healer and Provider. We aim to disconnect you from the confusion of the diet industry and to reconnect you to the Truth about food and finding vibrant health.

We also believe that food serves two primary purposes - to fuel our bodies and to feed our souls. We know that if we fuel our bodies with the nourishment it needs most of the time, we have the freedom to enjoy the foods that feed our souls some of the time. It is possible to find this balance and to live in peaceful moderation, and it is our mission to help you find your way.

Welcome to Fuel Your Body, Feed Your Soul. We are so glad you’re here.

xo, Carol + Alex


The attitude you bring to the table is more important than the food that is on the table.

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