We believe


We believe in real, wholesome, nutritious, from-the-earth fuel. We believe that there are better ways to spend our time than counting calories or pounds on the scale. We believe in removing the limitations and restrictions of a broken diet industry that only looks to profit from you, not heal you. And we believe that change comes one baby step at a time.


We believe that life is a balance of fueling your body with the nutrition it needs most of the time and feeding your soul with the food that connects you to your community some of the time. And we believe that achieving this balance shouldn’t require Martha Stewart kitchen acrobatics. Eating is something we do a few times every day. It shouldn’t be that hard.


We believe that everyone, regardless of background or demographic, should have the chance to choose a healthier way of life. We believe that a little education mixed with equal parts determination, topped with a dash of inspiration, is all that anyone needs to start making lasting change.


Welcome to Fuel Your Body, Feed Your Soul. We’re glad you’ve made it here.

xo, Carol and Alex