Thank you!

We cannot thank you enough for your participation in The Common Sense Revolution! We hope you left feeling inspired and empowered to take control back from the Food Industry and Diet Culture and to find your own balance between Fueling Your Body and Feeding Your Soul.

As promised, here are the resources that go with the content covered in the workshop:

GETTING STARTED TOOLKIT: Click here to download!

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A year of physical and spiritual transformation through reconnecting with the joy of eating and the art of cooking.

Our 12 month program will walk you step-by-step through rejecting the lies of the diet culture, replacing the products of the food industry with home-cooked nourishment, and rewiring our minds to serve our greater purpose. 

ALSO INCLUDED: Cooking with Carol: Basic to Advanced Kitchen and Food Skills

Cooking with Carol will include Cooking 101, 102, 103 and 104.  Cooking 101 begins with foundational food and cooking skills, from proper produce selection at the grocery store to prepping and storing food.  The 12 month course concludes with Cooking 104 where Carol teaches you the most advanced cooking skills including how to prepare a complete feast for a large gathering.

Presales for The Common Sense Transformation begin October 2018! Keep an eye out on our Instagram and in your email inbox for more information.