Easter Recipe Roundup

Happy Easter from Birmingham!

It's a great time of year. I mean, who doesn't like Spring? The weather starts to warm up - then drops to frigid temperatures again crushing all hope of an early summer - only to sneak back up to the mid-seventies for a hot second before dropping back down, dragging our morale along with it. But hey, that's just par for the course. The good news is Easter is this Sunday, warm weather or not, and we all have an excuse to throw down an epic brunch and "feed our souls" with Cadbury eggs! 

Okay, brunch does require more than just those foil-wrapped creme-filled nuggets of gold, so take a look at these easy healthy Easter recipes from some of our favorite foodies on the web:


Healthy Slow Cooker Ham via Thriving on Paleo


What's a holiday without a ham? And the good news with this super easy recipe is you can have your ham, and your cake, too. You won't find any sugar or maple in this recipe - just some honey and orange juice as sweetener. And you'll be thankful for the ease of this three step recipe. Click here for recipe. 


Apricot Dijon Glazed Salmon via Closet Cooking

Apricot Dijon Glazed Salmon 800 7926.jpg

Salmon might not be your basic Easter Sunday entree, but who wants to be basic? Not me. Celebrate your holiday with a healthy dose of Omega-3's and the refreshing taste of apricots. *Recipe note: try replacing soy sauce with coconut amino's! Click here for recipe.


Roasted Lamb with Blackberry Balsamic Reduction via Plaid & Paleo

Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 8.22.06 PM.png

Feeling fancy? This lamb recipe has your name written all over it. As if this cut of meat weren't delicious enough alone, try topping it with a balsamic blackberry reduction. Drool. Click here for recipe. 


Easy Shrimp and Avocado Salad via Kalyn's Kitchen


This quick and easy shrimp salad makes for a great hors d'oeuvre to hold you over until the main meal is served. Click here for recipe.


Kale Salad with Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette via Damn Delicious


I know what you're thinking. "Enough with the over-the-top healthy recipes for a holiday celebration! Aren't we supposed to feeding souls on Easter?!" Yes and absolutely. But - and this is a big but - it's also important to begin to shift your thinking on food and celebration. Save the feel-good stuff for the truly special treats, like desserts or beverages. Your main course can be made of delicious and nutritious fuel that supports your body so you don't walk out of Easter brunch wishing you could hide in that creepy bunny costume and take a nap. *Recipe note: just skip the sugar in the dressing or use honey instead.  Click here for this recipe and thank me later ;) 


Herb-Roasted Tri-Colored Carrots via Averie Cooks


Roasted carrots - nature's candy. Or in the case of these tri-colored beauties, nature's skittles. These guys make a great addition to any Easter brunch menu. Click here for recipe. 


Roasted Artichokes with Garlic and Lemon via Paleo Cupboard

Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 8.27.08 PM.png

I have a funny story about artichokes. When I was 18 I worked as a waitress during the summer at a lake-side bar in Kentucky. One day during that summer I ate my first artichoke. Apparently I loved it because I was so jazzed up to have discovered the artichoke I immediately whipped out my phone to text my mom to relay my recent vegetable discovery and ask her about the health benefits of said vegetable. Except, in my hurried excitement, I accidentally texted my boss from the bar. Who was a 50 year old man named Rookie. And every time I saw him after that he'd ask if I'd had my artichoke for the day. So now when I eat an artichoke (which is often, I still love them) I think about him. But not in a weird way. ANYWHO. Click here for this recipe.


Guacamole Stuffed Eggs via Natasha's Kitchen


Those who know me will not at all be surprised that I've managed to sneak guacamole into an Easter menu. It's not uncommon for me to include guacamole in strange and unexpected places. "What dressing would I like on my salad? None, please. Just top 'er off with some guac'." And so I could not resist these guys, a creative spin on the traditional deviled egg that's loaded with healthy fat and leaves out the processed fats common in mayonnaise. Click here for recipe.


Raw Vegan Carrot Cake with Cashew Lemon Frosting via Healthy Blender Recipes


Holy moly do I love me some good carrot cake. The texture, the spice, the sweet - heaven. And it reminds me of that Mitch Hedberg joke about good and bad food (Check it out here if you'd like). This recipe is as close to the "real deal" as you can get without loading down with dairy or sugar. I'm not saying that dairy and sugar are horrible things never to be consumed again, but if you had the chance to indulge in all the flavor without the whiplash of dairy bloat or a sugar coma, wouldn't you give it a go? Trust me when I say this beauty will not disappoint. Click here for the recipe.


Easter Hazelnut Chocolate Truffles via Healthful Pursuit

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 10.25.49 PM.png

Hazelnut: everyone's favorite nut thanks to Nutella. But really, who doesn't like the warm, buttery taste of hazelnut, especially when paired with chocolate. Divine. This easy truffle recipe even includes a surprising ingredient. You should try it out for yourself. Click here for recipe.