Lemon Bars via Once Upon a Chef

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When Meyer Lemons are a happy surprise at the store, we make Lemon Bars. Hannah and I spent a great afternoon in the kitchen prepping oats and yogurt, and then these little bites of sunshine.

For recipe check out @onceuponachef . (See the recipe here).

Her recipe is the best I’ve ever made. Please know....these are indulgent, sweet, Feed Your Soul treats. The worst words I ever hear from clients are: guilt, no willpower, failed, bad, can't have....etc.

Life and healthy weight are about eating the MAJORITY of your food from veggies, lean protein and healthy fats (which is what we refer to as fuel on this website) and enjoying the moments when you feed your soul (like cooking with your 15 year old all afternoon). 🤗. After you begin to eat enough of all the "fuel things" then you can discover the unique balance of fuel to food that helps you be HEALTHY.